Friday, January 04, 2008

Let's Create in 2008...

I've been runnin' around like crazy lately.....trying to do this and that, checking things off "the list", you know the deal! Anyhow, I have so much I want to share on my art cards I've made and journal pages, but have not had a chance to settle down calmly and get back into my routines.
I am SO jazzed about having a whole new beginning this year, in living creatively (everyday) and looking at life with new possibility. I have been doin' lots of thinking of where I've been, where I'm going and what I want to do this year~and how I can infuse creativity into everything I do. Everything I see and do has a potential to make it's way into my art. I work intuitively. I love to just let go and create. I need to create or I get really, really cranky! I pull all my special boxes of ephemera and pens close to me at night and start to cut and paste. It's like my own little comfort zone. A place to go to unwind, dream, and relax. When I made this card, I was thinking about how Art and creativity gives us the ability and opportunity to look at life anew and in some ways, create miracles.
One of my resolutions, (which I will post soon), is to simply embrace my creativity every day. Sounds easy, right? well, it isn't always easy. I sometimes struggle with the freedom and youthful playfulness that being creative lends itself I need to be more "serious" and adult like, etc. etc. (I've spoken of this before). Well, I've decided this year is a year that I will step out and embrace my creative self, all parts of myself. I don't know if I'm making sense here, but this is where I am at right now, ready to take a leap, ready to be myself, ready to show my true colors, ready to get my ART on! Hope you'll join me....xo Lia

Thursday, December 27, 2007

on my creative docket...

workspace: multi-tasking..., originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

Ok, so, where was I? Hmmmm....Oh, yeah, I finished my 1000 squares project!! You can go see them all on my square blog. The thing is...I can't stop making them...and I don't intend to. LOL. But, I am making up some charms again with copies of inchies made this year. I'm workin' on a charm bracelet for my daughter. I know that everyone is loving the charms right now. I kind of have to make myself get them out and work on them as they are not my fave thing to do...(see previous injuries, ocd issues. lol). Anyhooo...I know they are the one useful thing I can do with all the inchies, and my daughter looooves jewelry, so I've promised her a marilyn charm bracelet. As far as other things in the works, well, I've had a few "what project will you do now?" inquiries. Well, I have no idea. I don't even know if I will have a "project" this coming year, but I will continue to follow my creative bliss, that I know for sure. I'm kinda liking circles lately too...shh...don't tell anyone...he he.. I'll be back with more creative chit-chat soon. Gotta go get the place in a bit of order today. Oh, I've summoned Bruno to paint the cement floor in my basement studio. More on my year long studio move soon. Thanks for visiting me my friends and following my silly adventures. I hope you all have lots of fun things planned and in store for you in the new year. Be happy! xo Lia

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas '07

Christmas '07, originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

Dear Friends...

My taskmaster side, aka Order-lia has emerged & had me workin' on the house cleaning this last week. I have almost officially moved my art junk down to the basement and we are breathing easier on the first floor. My big kids are comin' home, so you know what that means...FOOD FEST. Yes, I need to get to the grocery store as well.... Anyhoo, I've been fitting in artin' and craftin' here and there and I will post more photos soon. I'm working on a set of Christmas Inchies. Hope you all are doing well and I'll be back with more as soon as Orderlia let's up on me a bit...xoxo lia


Friday, November 16, 2007

have art junk, will travel...

ArtjunkDear Friends,
Thank you for all your comments! Oh MY! I didn't mean to lead everyone to think I was throwing in my glue stick! I guess that's how it came across, but it's so nice to hear your support and encouragement. I've decided to make friends with my mess and look at it all as part of what I following my being who I am...not that my art defines me or makes me who I's more what is in my heart. I've lived on a constant pendulum of resisting my creative's time for me to not be afraid of what I'm seeing and what people will think...I just need to keep just being me. Anyhow...thanks for listening. It's amazing how many of you out there totally identify. I've been using this "down time" or this "creative reflection" time to do lots and lots of reading about Artists, both living and not. I'm simply fascinated in reading the similariites (and that even the most famous, accomplished & talented suffer from such doubts, fears, etc)...and this is across the board in all creative endeavors, whether it be writing, acting, singing, what have you. So many times, we can become our own worst enemy..but I hold this quote always close to my heart when I get afraid of what will happen next...

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
~Marianne Williamson

So, I leave with this thought today as I pack my messenger bag and hit the road for a weekend away. I will be toting my artjunk or "mess" if you will as I've come to look at it as really being my security really being home. my home. my words. my colors. my heart. Have a great weekend friends. xo lia

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"The Bird House"

Things are a bit nuttty at my house right now as far as "order" of any kind. Lots of junk is flying around, that is for sure. Today I really, really need to hunker down and finish a few projects, do some responsible grown up stuff and, and, and...deep breath. Ok, I am poppin' my head out of the "bird house" to say hi, I gotta fly, but I'll be back soon. xo Lia

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bloggin' 2 years now...

Image021 Dear Friends,

Today is my 2 year anniversary since I started blogging! I went down "memory" lane this morning, lookin' at everything that has kept me away from my housework, etc. (lol) and you know what? It's all been worth it. I've enjoyed every minute of my diversions and distractions! I've met sooo many wonderful, supportive, creative people. I've been exposed to art projects I never would have known about. I've learned so much from all of you and I continue to be greatly inspired!
Thank you for visiting my blog. A few of you have been around all of the 2 years, cheering me along, humoring me and my creative obsessions. You've helped me through some tough spots, given me your wisdom and kept me on my toes. I am so greatful. I am still amazed that I have the opportunity to share what I'm doing and where I am creatively. Overall, the greatest benefit of blogging, for me, has been the sense of community I feel. I know this has been instrumental in helping me stay happy and sane these last few years!
Thank you again and again. Blog on, xo Lia

Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday to Do List


Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Dear Friends~
I've come to the conclusion (as of late) that I don't deal with that change thing too know, the break from the usual routine. All of the sudden, I feel like the earth has moved from under me and there is a change of scenery all around. I found out this week that the world is not going to slow down and wait for me to catch up. Yeah, I know, I'm a little slow and no one told me. It does not listen when I say, "I need a minute to catch up...figure things out, take my time..". Yeah, I kinda thought I had control of my own little corner of the world...safely tucked in suburbia, raisin' kids, doing the mundane, not bothering anyone and minding my own business....well, minutes turn into hours, and hours into days...and, well, you know the rest. The kids do this thing called, "getting older". I told them to stop growing so fast, but did they listen? Nooooo.. And guess what?

On top of all that...letting my babies go out into the world alone and all...I return to a person I don't recognize in the mirror. This person has started to grow white hair at her temples. I dont know who the heck she she my mother? no, she is ME. Yikes. So, I guess it's time for me to do that "adjust" kind of thing that I resist so much. Such a nasty, nasty thing.

So, I finally wrestled with my resistant mind and did a few journal pages yesterday. It's time for me to re-focus and get my groove back. Time for a change in my usual art routine to coincide with the change in my life routine....and certainly time to do something about those "white hairs"....I have some hair dye somewhere around here and I know how to use it.
Peace out, talk soon, the soon to be "new improved" version of the old Art junk Girl.
xo Lia

Friday, August 31, 2007

Dorm Decor on a Budget, Missed flights and other mishaps...

workin' on shelf decor here....moving Ria back to new dorm room
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

Dear Friends~
I've been in Boston helping my daughter move in for her second year. Here's a wall shelf I was workin' on for her. I didn't like the background of this shelf, and you can't paint it in the dorm, so I tacked up this map from my purse (which went well with her "beach theme" room)...the only problem is that I needed this map on the way to the airport......that was just the beginning of a myriad of mishaps on this trip...I will update you all soon. Poor Ria fell and broke her foot as I was flying out of town the next day (after missing my flight the night before)...She fell at the bottom of some steps and has a fracture near her toe bone. I don't know what the name of it is....something very long that I can't pronouce.
When I called her to tell her I had landed, she was in ER. Sigh. Doc said it will heal fine, but she starts classes tues., has to learn to walk with crutches, (in the city)...
Now I'm off to visit my son this weekend. Haven't seen him since we dropped him off almost 3 weeks ago? I'm very discombobulated right now. My head is fuzzy and I'm going thru serious square withdrawal. Miss you all. I will be back soon. Think good thoughts for a quick healing for my Ria. xo Lia

Saturday, August 18, 2007

the big college drop off day....and a break...

proud momma!
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

Dear Friends~
I'll be back when the lump in my throat is gone....I dropped off my one and only son today...and I thought the school bus was hard when he was young...sheesh. It's not going to be the same around here and I have to figure out how to adjust, I kinda, sorta am not prepared for this as my son and I are very close and he is such a big part of my daily joy. I'll find my way, but in the meantime, I'm takin' a little break here. If I owe you an email, please be patient with me right now.
talk soon, xo Lia

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Square Matters~


Dear Friends,
So, I haven't posted in a few days as I've been trying to fill etsy orders (I'm a very slow one woman show). I can tell you that I really appreciate what goes into running a little business, no matter how small (or square) for that matter. I'm sure that most "normal" people do not start up a little shop the week before their son goes off to military college....but that's pretty much par for the course with me. So, today, (when I get my last orders in the mail), I will switch into "the good mother" mode and finish shopping and preparing for my son's departure as well as making a meal with all the basic food groups. Now, don't get me wrong, even my mother-in-law insists that Pizza is a healthy meal and I'm not going to fight her on that...
Well, enough of my rambling...If you didn't get a kit this time and want one, don't fret, I will have more Artjunk Inchie kits available next month. Apparently, more than 3 people read my blog and they are admitting that they (might) be addicted to making 1 inch square art. So, perhaps I'm not so crazy after all!
Last nite, I cuddled up on the couch with my lap desk and made a few new squares with leftovers from my inchie kits. You see, here's the thing, while I'm making kits, I want to start making squares, so I set aside one's to work on when I get an idea. Oh, and guess what? My daugther decided to make a collage with the paper I punched squares out of. She covered two folders for me. I will take a pic soon and post. So that's it for today from this square girl.
I will be back soon when my alter ego (the "be a good mother" person) is satisfied with my progress at home. Then I'll have more square "tales" to share with you all! Have a great day everyone! :) Lia

Friday, July 27, 2007

Getting Rid of Junk...

Dear Friends~
I'm so totally on a clean-out my junk kick.... I realized while I was gone that I hold on to things too much and I really think it's affecting my art and creativity. I have bins for my bins. I keep saving all these bits that need to go in the trash. I realized last night that I have to empty the junk to get to the "good stuff" so I can work on a few new projects I have in my head. Speaking of "good junk"...I am always saving the good stuff. That needs to change. I need to start using some of it!!! I've gotten such lovely things from Cerri and Lilia. I usually just stare at it, visit it, and admire the pretty papers, but oh, no, do I use them? Well, it's time for Art junk to start using up some of her goodies. I need to get over the fear of messing them you ever feel like that?
So anyway, I worked on a few projects I have goin' on collaboratively. I ordered some birdie images from the Altered Abbey.

Here's one I used in a skinny book page. Oh, and I also made a little card with an inchie while I was at it... Anyhow, today I'm going to pick up my son (yeah!) and I really should vacumn before I go..but, oh, isn't it fun to just blog and be on flick lookin' at all the eye candy. lol. Well, I must go for now, I hope to have some pictures of my decluttered art space soon. Oh, speaking of which, did I tell you about seeing Susan Tuttles studio on a virtual tour on her blog? (the icon for it is on the right sidebar when you go there). If ever something is motivating me to get crackin' on makin' my studio pretty, inviting and functional at the same time, that is! You must, must go see!!!

Ok, so by for now...more later. Have a great weekend everyone!!! xo Lia

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm over my head!!!

Dear Friends~
I'm over my head in crafty endeavors...of my own making, of course. I'm in the middle of completing bird book skinney pages (in which I'm kinda blocked as I haven't worked with "birds", much less skinney one' Img_60271
But anyhow, I will be out of blog town for the next week as we are doing the camp thing, etc. and I don't know how much internet access I will have. Art Junk will resume it's regularly scheduled artsy antics in a week or so. Actually, I should say, "talking about" my antics...I'll still be carrying along lots of little projects and scraps to work on....
In the meantime, my daughters are now dying paper towels (a la traci bautista style).

Yeah, it's cute, but look at the mess they left on the deck...ok, they are still cute. Anyhow, I'm off
to do some art on myself (no, I don't draw on myself), but I do need to cover some, ahem, grey hairs.
yikes. Grey isn't a color, right? I don't like it even if it is. It's probably the only color I don't anyhow, off I go to clean myself and my house up and get packing. Will miss reporting to my compadres on all my craft crimes and obsessions. peace out. now, go make a Lia

Saturday, July 07, 2007

this weeks doing's...

Lots of stuff happenin' here in art junk land. As I mentioned earlier this week, my son started his STP (summer transition program at college, and thus I had the weepy's all week). Thanks for all the hugs and kind wishes friends, it really helped console me! Wow, what an adjustment this will be. I did, however, catch up on loads of stuff...including bottoming out his laundry since there wasn't a constant "add on". I've continued to "declutter" like a crazy person and my hub. has indeed followed suit and worked on "his areas, aka garage and shed (insert Tim Allen pounding chest here). Anyhow, I've done a little of this and a little of that all week. Nothing is done yet though!
The absolute highlight of my week was meeting up with Hope (of Paper Relics fame), and I had the most delightful time ever! She is so cute! I brought my inchies to show her, and she immediately wanted to make some. Well, I just so happened to have my "inchie" on the go kit in my bag (a plastic hello kitty, so we were well equipped.
Well, Hope started making them like nobody's business! She was designing and cutting and putting on her detailed touches. It was amazing. Here's a pic of her first one! We were all giddy and such and I told her I had never made inchies in public. lol. Hope is so generous, she then gave me one of the squares she made, and then another since it went with the first. She didn't want to separate the brother and sister that were in the picture she had cut apart to get two images. If you do collage or art with vintage photos, you will understand. :)

So, that was super fun and I had a break from home and cleaning and entertaining kids. My other diversions this week included going to the library and pool with my girls. I also worked in my art journal a bit, (but not as much as I would have liked!).. Here is a pic of a spread I'm workin' on.
In other art related news, I was very excited to order and receive my first Teesha Moore Zine after seeing it on Hanna's site, where she gave it rave reviews. WEll, let me tell you, it did not disappoint, and it definitely gave me alot of food for thought and inspiration for my visual journalling. I was infact very touched by many of the thoughts expressed in the zine and found it a very refreshing. It actually answered some questions I had on journal intentions and outcomes.

So, as far as the studio re-do, I am still pluggin' away! I've been looking at my inspiration file (notebook with page protectors filled with magazine faves) that I've saved over time. Things are coming together, but I still have loads of work to do on the basement side of things as I've moved many things down there. Here's just a peak...keep in mind it's a storage room and I would be horrified to show you the walls right now, think insulation and pipes....but I'm "pretending" that I've rented studio space in a small new york warehouse. I'm gonna make it all artsy and stuff. stay tuned. I found this little pillow in the kids toy box and decided to hang on studio door for
Trust me, it wouldn't be safe, my stuff is everywhere! he he..
So that's my major update, oh, and yes, I have more inchies to share but I haven't had time to take photos this week. I hope to have some good pics to show you of my studio progress this week. I relaxed a bit this week and had some time to check up on and visit blogs so that has been loads of fun. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog. I appreciate you visiting, even if you don't comment, I hope you are inspired in some way from my little corner of the blog-iverse. xo Lia

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bits and Pieces...

Mail Art for Kira~
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

What is it about bits and pieces that I love so much? I have thought of that from time to time since I've started blogging a few years ago....I've discovered so much about such things by recording my day to day creative activities. I have answers for some of it and not for others. Readers have left comments that have given me some "aha" moments. Most days I just go about my business and create without a thought as to "why" I do what I do or how. One thing I know for sure is that I love fragments...little bits and pieces. I'm more likely to throw a big piece of scrap paper away than a little tiny one. These little tiny bits intrigue me so much. Could it be that I grew up as a daughter of a talented seamstress and dressmaker? I was always surrounded by scraps. My Mom would have us "pick up all the scraps" as a game when she was done clipping and sewing for the day. There were always lots of different ones...different colors, textures, sizes. My mother worked arduously for years to raise us and give us what she thought was important. I remember standing near her sewing machine looking at her with pins sticking from her mouth (yes, she did this often as a holding place) while her head was buried down staring at her piece and being "in the zone". I often got the "not now" or the "pick up the pins for me" or go do your schoolwork responses. I asked her, begged her, on several occasions to "teach me to sew". She would emphatically say, "no". What do you need to sew for? "You need to study and get an education. It's too much work to make your own things when you can buy them." That would be the end of that.
That is what I remember growing Mom at the machine, surrounded by a sea of fragments. I started to collage at a very young age...I've often wondered if my love for piecing paper and fabric has stemed from a need to "order my universe"...put together all the pieces in a nice, tidy whole. I often felt like things were scattered and I always wanted things to be neat and tidy "like other peoples houses". We often had pins on the floor (yeouch) and my mom was a clutter bug so there was loads of fabric about (and scraps) as she, too, did not throw the smallest bits away. So, there you go. Making something from bits and pieces, fragments of my life.

Pictured above is a postcard collage I put together for Kira as a mail trade. The lower right ribbon was saved/salvaged from my mom's vast collection of fragments. There are also catalog pieces, magazine bits, stamps, advertising, wallpaper and pieces I cut from collage sheets Nance has given me. Just a bit of it is sewn to the right...the bit with the words. Interesting. That's where my mom wanted me to concentrate. Books, words, letters. I'm a college graduate, I'm a Mom, a Wife, a Daughter, a Sister and a Friend. I create not because I have to, but because I want and need to. Something my Mom doesn't quite understand as crafting was a means to income in her life. But I just can't stop collaging those bits, each and every day. It takes me back to that time beside her. It makes me feel young again, it brings together all the fragments in my mind into pieces that represent part of my whole. I'm thankful for this. I may never understand it fully, but I'm here and I will continue to express myself this way, bit by bit and hopefully find myself along the way. :) LK

Thursday, June 21, 2007

inchin' along...

more square-zies...
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

I'm still here inchin' along...doing a bit of this and that. I tried some hand quilting this week...can't remember if I mentioned that. It was so relaxing and I liked it way better than machine stitching. I know it's more difficult (yeouch, I did stick myself with a pin), but I'm reading up on stuff and learnin' about small even stitches and such....and the "rocking horse"...I tell you, so much to learn, so little time. It's fascinating though when you find a new project and get to delve into all the particulars. I used to think all threads were made alike, but no, alas, they are not. I got out my vintage sewing jar I thrifted last summer and there were some yummy, NICE threads in there. All I had around here was polyester.. I guess there is a creme de la creme for every pursuit. I know "butter" when I see it, and some of some of the threads in there are butter. Ok, so I'm babbling on here. Oh, and I've been inchin' away on my little squares at night.
As far as the studio, it's comin' along. Starting a new sewing project hasn't exactly helped the situation, but I'll get it all squared away soon. Hope everyone is having a crafty week. I know it helps keep me sane, if there is ever such a thing...LOL. xo Lia


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Journals, Squares, Mail and Cleaning...

Dear Friends....I'm still squared away in my can see the table now, so there is a bit of progress being made.
In the meantime, I've been running about with the kids and using most, if any of my free time cleaning, and creating, cleaning some more, and creating... I like to stop and do something creative while tidying things pal Lilia is the same way. We are challenging each other to do a thorough clear out in our studios.
Over the weekend, I made some more squares...but I haven't done all the words yet, here's a peek. Squares continue to be great fun for me. You can check my progress at my 1000 squares blog.

On other front's, I've been the recipient of some awesome mail lately! Check my swap/mail flickr folder if you wanna take a peekie!

My fave project as of late is a round robin journal I'm doing with my blog sista Nance. It's a very special project because we learn more about each other and kind of have a conversation going back and forth. Nance is one of my dearest art friends. She always makes me smile with her humor. She also has a lot of wisdom, and is a very talented Artist. If you haven't seen her've got to check out her blog. I'm so blessed to have her as a friend!
Here's the cover to my journal...
and a peek into the inside cover...


and look what Nance mailed to me with the last send-off... Andy Warhol shucks, Nance, you are so thoughtful and you know that picture made me laugh!!!


Ok, off I go...I hope to have some "real progress" done in there by the weekend. Inch by Inch, it's a cinch...he he...some inchie humor Lia

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Musings...

a new collage (without words added)
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

I'm still on my organizing spree....I worked on some inchies here and there this weekend, as well as this 4 x 4 collage. My quilt has been put on hold since I need to figure out how to bind it...I've never done "that part" before. I printed out a few tutorials, but they are too confusing to me right now. I will pick it up again once the studio re-do is done. After of the reason's I'm expanding to another room is so I can do more sewing! Ok, got to get back to work! Then hopefully some outdoors time as well as journal time... hope you all are having a great day! xo Lia

Sunday, June 03, 2007

"looked back" collage inchie

"looked back" collage inchie
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

I've been doin' alot of "looking back" as of late. My son graduates from HS on Tuesday. Seems like yesterday he was my "little boy". It's bitter sweet. I think I will be taking a little bloggie break this week (although I'll still be 'around' on flickr, etc.). I have loads of art journal pages to share (just got to lay them out and take the pics.) I'm just overwhelmed a bit right now. xo L.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's almost time!

Image0Dear Friends-I can't believe that I will be leaving for Art and Soul within the next 24hours! I can't believe I am going. My family is almost more excited that I am! I just don't know what to expect...I guess it's best not to think about that and just cast my net. I'm thrilled with the prospect of learning new things and being around like-minded people! Thank you all for your advice earlier this month and for supporting me. I will surely come back and tell you all about it! I've been packing and buying some new supplies. I've never bought "real" stuff before! I have my own set of golden paints in color names I can't pronounce, but I think I will know what they are well by the end of the weekend. Things are still crazy busy here, but Art is the place I go to breathe. I will get a chance to do so this weekend. I'll be thinking of you all, my friends, and I'll take lots of pictures. Talk soon, xo Lia

Sunday, April 29, 2007

"believe in your dreams"...

mini collage on vintage card
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

"If you build it, he will come"....

Quote from one of my fave movies, Field of Dreams.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

xo Lia

Monday, April 23, 2007

Where am I going?

Img_3871Dear Friends,
It's Monday and my "to do" list is a mile long....I know it's bad when I have to type the list and print it out (and I hate taking the time to do that...). I usually keep a spiral book that I note everything into day to day...Anyhow, the weather has been fabulous here. This last week came with lots of changes all at once: the weather, the tragic news, my mom (whom I take care of daily) left for the summer (just getting used to this alone in my daily schedule has left me confused..I woke up this morning thinking I had to pick up her prescriptions, and then I was like, "oh"). It's been like that all week for me. Not quite in my groove. My mind is on the families and the students and teachers we lost last week. It forces me to am I spending my time? Life is short as it is, and can be cut short before we know I spending the hours, moments, seconds the way I should, could, want to, need to? I don't know. With the weather changing I've been out and about so much more, indoors and online so much less. It's time to think. Think of the next step. Where am I going? I know that my family is and remains the most important part of my life. But, this week, I was squeezing them harder, looking them in the eye more when they spoke and really listening...really. So, this is what is going through my mind as I go about my business, the business of every day life: cleaning, cooking, driving, etc. Where am I going? That is the question I need to answer this week. Thanks for listening friends. xo L.

Friday, April 20, 2007

In Honor of...

Img_1394Dear Friends,
As many of you know, I have a daughter in her first year of college. She was accepted to VaTech and had planned on going but decided to go north instead. This is not the only reason I write this. This tragedy at VaTech is felt in all of our hearts throughout our nation, both near and far. My prayers go out to these families who have to endure such a tragic and horrific loss. I only hope that they can find peace. These students will not be forgotten.
xo Lia

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today is a new day..

2", Today
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

I. I'm over the doll quilt flu and I will be getting back to my regularly scheduled programming.

2. plan B is to sew in the summer. too busy to start new endeavors and I don't enjoy as much as what I'm doing now...

3. I can go visit cool doll quilts on flickr anytime and my dd will love me anyway...

4. I made some new squares.

5. Life is crazy busy at home, but good.

6. I hope everyone is fine and following their bliss....

7. I made a list of goals..some new, some old, will share soon...

8. Have a great day everyone! As my hub says, ToDay is the first day of the rest of your life..spend it well, hug those you love, and tell them and please, don't show me any more cute doll quilts.

peace out. xo Lia

Thursday, April 05, 2007

What I've been looking at lately....

Ok, so I've been wanting to write about all the cool bloggie places I've been lately. It seems like it feast or famine with me....I feel like I blog along at times and everything seems to be the same with nothing much new, and then... at other times I think I hit the jeopardy daily double question and get tapped into pandora's box of lovely linkage and discoveries. This has definitely been the case lately. Img_33841So without much further ado, here are the places I've been stalking, looking at...
Ok, so my sweet and very talented friend in her own rite, Lilia had told me about this artist before but I was prob. in deaf mode from making squares and not listening...but then low and behold, thanks to my ever-present-chronic-case-of-flickritis (which you may not understand about unless you've tapped into the wonderful world of oz there) I made my way to this wonderful artist. I think you all will love her art too!

And as if that were not enough eye candy for the month, I happened to stumble upon miss Turkey Feather's Doll Quilts. (also due to side effects of flickritis).
I've been dreaming of making a doll quiltie ever since I saw hers. Then I see them keep coming up in the flickr radar pool....which lead me to another great blog here. Not only did I love her work, but she TOTALLY cracked me up by referring to the doll quilt as the "current epidemic" in blog land! What a hoot. I laughed out loud as I was thinking about making one just at that moment... I had my "better home and garden dream"...if you all have been reading my blog a while, you know what that means. It's the "perfect house" dream where I'm imagining myself zigging along, ever so slightly at my sewing machine as the children clean their rooms and study their multiplication tables...then I say, Oh, honey, I just made this awesome little dolly quilt for you, in which (in my better home and garden dream) my daughter say's "yippee" and skips away with that "your the best mom in the world look" and we all live happily ever after. so I digress..back to reality. Now let's look at some squares... thanks for stoppin' by art junk be continued...

p.s. here's a pic of my "not hand made" quilt I was wrapped in while making these squares and watching AI tonight. xoImg_33771

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's hump day...

Hey friends! Thanks for your kind words and thoughtful advice yesterday. I read each response and thought of what you said. I know that I need to stop worrying about it and just do it. I know the break will do me good as well. I was thinking that I could also start packing my "art bag" so that I am kind of taking steps to get ready for it. I need to get on with making some trades too! I thought I could give inchies, of course. LOL. Here are some of the one's I made last night. I liked how they turned out. They were loads of fun to make while watchin' A.I. with the fam. and listening to everyone's opinions. In a house full of kids, (young and old) we are never short for opinions...
Have a great hump day everyone. xo L.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

art and home

Dear Friends~
My collages are like a diary of what's going on in my life. Art and home have been the main thing on my mind lately. Mainly balancing art and home life. Several months ago I registered to go to Art and Soul. Now as it get's closer, I am worried about leaving home. I keep struggling with it back and forth. I announce that I'm not going, then the next day I say I just can't miss this opportunity to learn and grow as an artist, not to mention meeting other like minded artists I've spoken to online over the past year and a half. Sigh. So this is what is going on in "ma little pea brain" as my friend Nance says! After all these years I still struggle with having my own art identity and being a good mom and wife. I want to be a good mom, but sometimes, I really just want to do art and get takeout! LOL. My immediate family is very supportive. My mom still inserts her little jabs here and there about "wasting my time" but I think I've learned to tune her out. So, my friends, I have a decision to make. Should I stay or should I go? You will probably say GO! But how do I get over my guilt feelings? sigh. Ok, I need to go get on with the day. Thank you for listening. xo Lia

Monday, April 02, 2007

Perfectionists, beware!

Just a little disclaimer for those of you visiting. All artwork on my blog may not pass the "archival" test. I don't always use archival glue or paper. I've had people write about the how's and what's of all that. Well, my philosophy on that is that I won't have 100 percent of the things I won't make because I'm worried that it will not last for 100 years.

Now if you are looking for a place to get creative, follow some wild hairs and open your eyes to the fact that anything and everything can be used for collage fodder, then you are at the right place!

Now, let's make something!!!!!

xo Lia

painted on the back of recycled wallpaper.

Have a great week everyone!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Gluebooks, Links and more Warhol, oh my!

Img_2229Hi Friends! How are y'all?! Thanks for writing about the charm links, etc. Love when readers send me tips. Speaking of which, Hagit send me a great link last month that has led to some of my new projects! Thanks, Hagit. I've had a few readers and friends write and preface with, "you may have seen this, but"... In each and every case, I hadn't seen it! There's SO much great stuff out there, there is no way we can see it all! I'm gonna share some cool places I've been lately! You may want to read through this post first because there will be lots of links.
So, let's begin with the link Hagit sent me. It was to Go Make Something and it was a tutorial for making inchie backgrounds. You have to get a user name/pw to log in, but it's free. This site is awesome! There are TONS of how-to instructions for paper and altered art among other things I'm sure (I don't think I could ever exhaust what is there even if I took a year out to do it!)
This site led me to doing Gluebooks (which you can also learn about there!) A gluebook is kind of like a art journal except the concept is to use up scraps, old magazines, etc. and just glue with RECKLESS abandon! There are really no rules, except to not think about it too much and just glue! I have really enjoyed this as it's gotten me started on some journalling I've been putting off. Now I am glueing down all sorts of things I like randomly. I also started a journal for my son's sports season in which I will glue down all the stuff I save from games, including printed out pictures on paper. I will show you that as that progresses. I also take my glue book with me on the road and glue stuff in when I'm waiting in the car for kids or what not. Here are a few of the first one's I did in a color theme.


Ok, so I think you get the picture on that! Now onto Warhol and some other great links I've been "stalking" as of late. It's feast or famine with me! So, remember the Warhol link I shared a few days ago? There is another really cool one that I was looking at. A fascinating site dedicated to educators as well as public with school lessons and such. I was particularly fascinated (and just a little obsessed!) with this. I am amazed that Andy Warhol kept these boxes. Can you imagine getting to go through that! Oh, I just have a fascination for the everyday bits of life. The paper of our lives. I've saved it since I was young. I have envelopes with my dad's handwriting. These pieces mean more to me than anything else I own. I love the history and reality of it all. I find the most mundane things so inspiring. Ok, so I digressed a bit today again as usual! One more link I saw in this endless treasure trove of a site that you may want to check out is the weekend factory.
Here's an old "warhol-esque" picture collage I did with my limited digital skills. Collage9
I took a collage I did and somehow, in Picasa 2 with a picture of me on top. I had done this for popart series in Self Portrait challenge in which I used to participate, until I got sick of taking pics of myself. lol. I did learn alot though.
Ok, so let's see, oh yeah, promised some more cool links. Some incredible NEW art journal pages can be seen here, here, and here. Hope you all are doing well and creating away. I love to see what you all are up to so leave me a comment and let me know what you are working on (or your latest creative blog stalking! xo Lia

p.s. I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate Warhol with my inchies...stay tuned!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

So, Where were we?

Dear Friends-
I was wondering where I left off the last time I was "here"...I've been on the run alot lately, pulled in all directions so to speak. The eye prob. I had last year (some of you know) has "reappeared" again. I'm going to eye doc again tomorrow for third visit this week....Which get's me thinkin' again about the "blind artist" theory..something about our visual acuity havin' something to do with our artistic ability. I did a kinda self-study and asked some of my art friends whether they saw well or not and found out that most of us are blind as bats. So, I digress....anyhow, hopin' this will all be resolved soon, it hasn't stopped me from doin' my squares, nor has my busy schedule. At days end, I get on my "comfy clothes" and sit with my lapdesk in the family room and make squares while watching my "shows". I've made most of the latest squares while watching this seasons AI, all the while screaming at the tv and threatening the show that if they voted off or didn't vote off who I wanted that I would "never watch it again". Like they hear me. There I go again, gettin' off tangent. Well, like I said, been doin' squares. Did finishing touches on the "poppy" squares, here they are:
I wanted to tell you all that after I had my "square-dentity" crisis last week and subsequently lots of wonderful advisory comments and emails, you all have gotten me thinkin' quite a bit (that can be dangerous..). Anyhow's, didn't realize that some of you that visit are jewelry artists. (which makes sense, but I'm a little slow on the uptake..) Y'all got me thinkin' of making some charms with my inchies, BUT, I am not gonna solder, no ways, no hows. So, if you have the time or inclination, please email me with some good beginner info on some charm thingy's I can buy to slip some inchies in, or what you recommend.
Other than that, I've been workin' on my gluebook, but really still wantin' to get into more serious art journalling. That is my goal right now. No time like the present, right? Ok, so here are the rest of the squares I finished up last nite. I think I'll be near 300 by month's end. Now off I go to get a jump on the day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Quote of the Day and some squares of course...


Artist "a.",
Thank you to for giving me permission to use one of your painted backgrounds for these squares (which are still in progress). You mean alot to me and so do all the friendships I've made here is this wonderful art/blog world.

BTW, have I told you all that I am totally and utterly obsessed with Andy Warhol lately? Have you seen this site?, If so, I'm always the last to know.. There is not hope for me, I'm addicted to Art, artists, color and squares and I will just keep being my square self no matter what anyone says...

Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.
-Andy Warhol

How can I NOT be obsessed with someone that said that?! Ok, laterz my friends. Art On! xo Lia

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Square ON!

Image0Thank you for your enthusiastic, funny and encouraging comments yesterday! I learned some new swear words as well as honed in on some very wise and useful advice. You all really picked me up out of my square-guilt. I will continue to make my fun little squares and am happy that there are others that understand my square-ness. So, I digress....I will take some of your suggestions and carry on with what it is that I enjoy doing. I have some other things up my sleeves besides squares that I will be sharing soon. As far as other things, I'm working on more consistant art journalling as well as a few other goals. For one, I want to display something I've made in my home (other than in my studio). I also want to help others learn to make inchies as I found from your comments that lots of people want to try them, yeah! Again, thank you for you kind words and support. xo Lia

p.s. I'm totally obsessed with using photobooth shots in my inchies as of late, so if any of you know of copyright-free sources where I can find them, please email me.
---editor's note...look at this cute photobooth pic I found from long ago. this couple sure looks

Monday, March 05, 2007

"you're so emo...." square

emo square
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

This is for my daughter of whom I picked up the term, "emo". My kids (and their friends) laugh when I say it....(for other square parents like me, it's short for 'emotional'). Well, I'm always one to usually chide others to "quit being emo'), but I'm afraid I've been a bit emo myself lately! Lots of adjustments with son is now a senior and he's entering his last semester. He's gearing up for Spring sports. I can't wait. I am going to savor each moment.... I still need a little break with blogging, etc. but I will still be answering emails...I have some ideas on more art projects, links, etc. to share with you and am thinking through another tutorial for inchies (as soon as I brush up on some techno stuff), and then I will be back in usual art junk mode...100 art miles an'm still making art, don't get me wrong. I need art to breathe! I will share more as I feel up to it and as my mind clears a bit of the emo stuff Lia
p.s. Thankyou to those who have commented and written me, I do so appreciate your kindness, sharing of links, etc. Thank you for taking the time to let me know you like it here. I hope for it to be a place to let your creativity loose. :)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

new collage, "seaside"...

"seaside" by artjunkgrl
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

Is it summer yet? I made this little ATC this morning for a friend. I was in my studio to work on something else and while sorting papers I decided to "play". Ok, so we are expecting freezing rain today...I have laundry piling up that I am determined to bottom out, and then I'm going to make some soup. I'm lovin' soup lately. There was something else that I was going to post, but I forgot....hmmm...haven't had my vitamins today. Ok, I'm working on pulling together an art "junk" zine....with "never seen before" (LOL) art junk, journal junk, and more. I think this will be a fun thing to do as well as a great way to share my art with friends and others. What do you all think? suggestions? I'm keeping a notebook and putting things in it now that I want it to have, but I have NO idea on what all I will include yet. I do know that it will be my own style and hopefully fun, wordy and not real glitsy. ok, got to go....gotta reboot laundry and find a good soup recipe for tonight. xo Lia

Friday, February 23, 2007

journals, tea, and squares....


Ahhh...friends, I have so much to share with you and time has been a bit tight as of late! I squeezed in some art time last nite though. I figured I better do that before I turned into the grinch. I crave art pretty much the same as chocolate. I can't wait to rip off the wrapper and dig in....but anyhoo, I am buzzing in a zillion different directions as usual. I've started some spring cleaning, meaning, tending to neglected dark areas in my home, like, the icemaker. Did you know that GE side by side refrig. icemakers rust inside? well, when looking up how to clean the said, rusted, icemaker, I found that 1)you can buy a special cleaner for it, 2) it's not going to stop happening, 3) GE has complaint letters a mile long about it and 4) your screwed. So, I digress......let's talk some art over tea, OK? Img_1905
I Bought this lovely little tea caddy this week. It was my nifty thrifty find for the week, along with the mint green tea can, um tea, yes, I bought it cause I loved the color of the can, and YES, I could always use more tea! I love having tea in the afternoon. My kids make it for me sometimes. My son's is the best (hope my girls aren't reading this). I think it's cause he sweetens it a-lot more than I usually allow myself to...anyhow, as I said, I've been tidying up the ranch and trying to get lots of junk done...

I worked on my new artjournal. Here is a page. I used a piece of painted junk mail (that I had from long ago). I am kinda doing a free flow. With this journal I am trying to remember special little moments of the day...the one's that make me laugh, the little things I hear that inspire me, that I know I will forget after the cares of life tornado through my brain....anyhow, I am long winded here...this is what happens when I skip a day of blogging. OK, so above you will see some little squares-in-progress. I will add the words today/tonight..I was just tuckered out to go any further. Of course, it's fun to work in stages anyway. Img_19241_1
When you come back to something, you see it in a whole new light. WEll, time for some coffee (not time for tea yet) and then, time for another adventure. I surely want to take some pics outdoors today, it's been a while....have a great day everyone! Take time for those special moments and record them if you can, that way you can savor them. The moments are what it's all about. xoxoxoxo Lia

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

work in progress...

Dear Friends,
Here are a few of my "works-in-progress".Dsc00034

1. I'm working on my new art journal using recycled papers (one of my very fave things to do). I raided my son's college bin of catalogs and picked out a nice one from a prep school (they have more money I suppose, to print state-of-the-art, double-thick page, color-filled catalogs).

So, after finding "the one", I set it aside and took it out last nite to work on it (with my stash of papers in a shoebox). I did this up in my room while watching Amer. Idol with my kids. I randomly grabbed pieces that appealed to me and glued them to the front and only lifted my head up when Simon spoke. I think P.'s hair is an abomination if you ask me....I think that B. shaved hers and set it all on top of P.'s head or like, eyes. Like, how can she see through those bangs. Anyhow, so I digress....
2. I made a few new inchies as well as started, yet, another marilyn collage. Then I took a pic of all my Marilyn inchies to post in my "inchie gallery" site.
So, my art time was in my room at the end of the day, but it was still fun and relaxing.

p.s. Thank you so much to friends who have been sending me terrific links. I love them!! Thank you for sharing and No, I had not seen one of them! There are a gazillion great things out there in blog land. Thank you for taking the time to share things with me and to come by and visit! xo Have a great day all! xo Lia

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Guess who's home for the weekend?

I am SO excited. On cloud 9 today! My "Ri-Ri" is coming home for the weekend!!! yeah! Ok, what will we do first? Manicures? Watch Tivo'd Will and Grace? Watch Tivo'd LOST and change to something else? hmmmm.....oh, my kids and family fill my heart with joy. I think there will be some happy squares to share soon! Have a great weekend all! xo Lia

Friday, February 16, 2007

What I heart lately and Art Happenings

This is going to be a mind dump of sorts today. I've got lots of stuff on my mind on things I wanna do, stuff I want to finish and things I've seen lately that have really insprired me. We are still kinda "stranded" at home with schools closed due to icy conditions...see from my window where I write this morning...

So glad I talked my hubby into buying these covers for our deck furniture this summer. I can get way ocd about stuff...not me, lol. Speaking of ocd, I've been cleaning out lots of junk in my house lately. I'm on this big kick of clearing out old stuff that I usually ignore, like, the back of my pantry. I did a total dig out of that earlier this week (that is a good thing about being stranded at home, getting to junk like that). I am ashamed to say that I dug out a few pudding boxes and such that dated back to the early 1900's. I didn't even know it was there! This digging out the old thingy has also crossed over into my electronic stuff, like deleting old numbers on my cordless phone, again, I found a few that I didn't need there, like, my Mom's old phone number...sheesh. So I digress, it does feel good to get rid of junky stuff like that I normally accept as being part of the scenery at my home.

As for art stuff, I'm kinda thinking of Painting as of late. I've had this on my mind but haven't really talked about it. I bought some way cool old instructional painting books a while back after seeing them in my daughter's classroom. As I've mentioned before, I love old book tutorials. They always seem to be more to the point. I just love this book. I'm really itchin' to get out a canvas up in my craft cabinet (I buy them on sale and have a few in there) and just start throwing some paint at it and see what happens. I just love COLOR. Lots of it. I haven't mixed my own colors before, so I wanna try just using the 3 primary color and making others like I did in, like, kindergarten! It's true that approaching art like a child is the most fun for me. I try to keep my inner critic at bay and just have fun. That's what it's all about. There is no test afterwards. That is what I HEART about Art. The colors and possiblities are endless. You can start with a blank canvas and go for it. No such things as mistakes here, you just paint or collage over that! So glad I'm not a knitter. I would be cussing like crazy if I missed a loop and had to do a do over. I can't knit to save my life, but paint, I can do paint on hands thing. I've always wanted to take one of those pics anyway where the artist stretches out their painted-on hands. LOL. ...stay tuned.

Wow, I'm long winded today! I just ordered some images for my little squares. It's taking forever for me to search out small one's in my vintage magazines.

I also was the VERY lucky recipient of Paper Relics new collage sheet! Hope sent me an awesome package, thank you SO much for your random-act-of-kindness! I love all the goodies. Let me tell you, they look soooo good close up. My computer screen just does not do them justice. If you are interested, check them out here!

Hope also sent me a Boy's Life vintage magazine! I so heart old magazines. It was so sweet of her, and guess what? I opened it up to an article about painting! A little serendipity there?


So, I ramble on, after all, this is my journal so sometimes I've just gotta get lots of things down on what's going on in my head. I do need to get back to the business at hand today and keep clearing out, then I will sit and do some painting? WE'll see. As always YOU, my faithful readers, will be the first to know!
Have a lovely and creative day friends! xo Lia

Oh, I don't think I've shown you all this collage latest, (not a 1 x 1!)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good Morning Friends...

Img_1822 We are still "snowed" or should I say "iced" in here at home. If I don't go outside today I think I will lose my mind...if I haven't already. I mean, just how much TV and food can a person take? The kids are, of course, running around shouting "YES!". Personal grooming and routine's are long forgotten and we are now sinking into a do-nothing-wear-the-same-thing-for-3-days abyss...School is but a distant memory, they roam around like vagabonds forgetting their names, the fact that they own a toothbrush, and the fact that chocolate is not a food group, nor is TV. So that's my rant for today.....I am posting later than normal today because, well, I don't know what time or day it is. Anyhow, I did work on some more squares yesterday, my daughter decided to join me and make her first squares! I think they are magnificant! I didn't help her, or else they wouldn't be this good! Do you think I'm being biased? Here they are... Img_1826 I also made a few more "Marilyn" squares with images I had from a while back. Being a "follow the rules" kinda person I'm always on the lookout for public domain pics of Marilyn. I love her as an art subject and she would show up so more in my art if I wasn't nervous about the whole copyright thingy, but that is probably a whole other post! So, I digress as usual. Here are a few more... Img_18231 I've kinda been procrastinating on starting my next art journal (I mentioned before). We'll see what happens today. Now I gotta go dig out, put on some warmer clothes and enlist the help of these people I don't recognize that are roaming around my house asking for FOOD. Peace out. I'll get back soon to share some square-tips I've noticed while working that may help if you wanna try squares. I'll do that as soon as we get back on a "normal" program schedule. xo Lia

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear Friends~Hope you are having a good day. We are having an ice storm right now. yikes. I'm suprised that power and everything is all up and running. Speaking of running, I'm going to have kids running all over the house today with schools closed. So, hope you have a great Valentine's Day with your loved ones and be good to yourself too! Oh, I found a cool collage craft on a blog this morning that I want to do for my hubby. Hey, it's not late yet. I'll work on this for him today as well as find some heart crafts for the kids to do. I always find great things here for them and recently found this site with a great heart craft as well. That's it for me for now. Peace out, square on. xo Lia

p.s. may also make some heart-themed squares...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend and back to Art again...

Good Morning Friends!

Well this was indeed a whirlwind weekend for me. Now I gotta get my head out of the clouds and back to arting again! I was very excited about the typepad feature about my blog and was double excited that they picked one of my favorite squares to post in the review. LOL. The review was so kind and generous and I thank them for the feature. I must admit that when they first notified me, I thought maybe they were humoring me and it was a joke. lol. But it did indeed go up there! Welcome to everyone that is visiting from seeing the review. I hope you are inspired by what you see here.
Thank you also to my regular friends, readers, lurkers, flickrettes, lurkers, lol, who emailed me and posted comments. You all are the true wind beneath my artjunkgirl wings! Now, back to reality! Back to regularly scheduled art junk happenings...
I had quite a wierd weekend. Lots of family junk to tend to and stuff going on but that is LIFE, right? Being able to creatively express myself and come here and lay down my thoughts and my art really helps me get my head together.
Lately I am loving lots of color in my artwork and of course, squares! I finished up my wip from the last post last nite (see above). Now I have another collage in the works but it's sitting and waiting to be finished (probably tonight).

I also went and started my own flickr group this weekend! I'm so inspired by the artists contributing their square composition work into the pool. The theme of the group is to post pics of art or quilts, etc. with squares IN their composition (and inchies too, but not limited to inchies).
This has spurred a few of my friends on to get to making the inchies I've been "nagging them to", "you know who you are!" LOL! Anyhow, my blog sis Jude made these Gorgeous squares and posted to the pool yesterday and when I got home last night from a harried day, I logged in and saw them and my heart skipped a beat! So I dedicated this little square to her last nite. This one is for you Judy (our jude!)

You also have to check out the ATC queen herself, Janet, (who just started making them last month as if she's been making them all her life)! She not not only tried inchies this weekend but made 2 fabulous postcards with squares in their comp. and posted to the pool, go check them out as well as many other artists beautiful work as well!

You all inspire me SO much. We all feed off each other's creativity. The support of this art community means the world to me and indeed keeps me going art wise. Thank you all for helping me see the world in beautiful color.
xxoxoxoxoxox Have a great week!
p.s. I did also take some pics for an inchie tutorial for you last nite and will have that up some time this week. Carry on now! Talk to you soon! xo L.

p.p.s. My obsession for the week (or actually the last few has been vintage wrapping paper. I've been stalking the flickr pages for it and there is lots of cool stuff to see there). What is your obsession lately? Other than squares, of course, I am into that now as well as photo booth pics. Ok, sign out for now. Gotta get rolling! It's MOnday and YOU know what that means! xo L.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hunting, Gathering, and Giving...

Img_1530_1 Good Morning, Friends! I am still fighting this cantankerous cold. I feel pretty decent other than the fact that I get tired after doing like 25% less than I normally do. I have also been *perish the super-mom thought", napping on the couch in the, get this...middle of the afternoon. So, I digress......since I haven't been able to do as much art as usual, I've been using the "down time" to do my "hunting and gathering". Now, if you are a collage, crafty person, quilter, etc., you know that there is a great amount of hunting and gathering involved in making what we do. We....erm...kinda, sorta, have an issue with hoarding stuff (well, some of us, not me, not you, just some of us). But anyhoo, I have learned over time to keep only what I like and pass other things along. Now, since being part of the art community here I've been able to swap fun things with other art friends. I recently swapped with an artist I really admire, Nicola. She sent me this beautiful ephemera pack. She was so nice to include little cards with the letter's spelling ARTJUNKGIRL (see above)! I just looooove all the goodies she sent me, exactly the things I like! I hope she likes what I sent her as well. It's so much fun putting these little packs together. Sometimes I like doing that almost as much as collaging! Anyhow, as I was saying, I've been hunting and gathering as of late. I put in a few orders for new images for my little squares (in which I am running very, very low!), and I also bid on a few vintage magazines on ebay. Hopefully by the time this comes in I will be raring to go! I also wanted to share what I got on a recent trip to the used book store inside a local library. How can you beat buying wonderful vintage books and helping "friends of the library!" The volunteers that work there are also so pleasant, wonderful, helpful and fellow book lovers! I was just explaining "altered books" to a friend the other day and explained that it is "legal" to alter a book and that I know so being that I am a self-professed book-lover, I checked it out first! I even found that there is a "society" of Altered Book Artists. A wonderful, non-profit site, check it out here. So, where was I? Oh, yeah, I went in search of a poetry book for a class I am taking at Art and Soul. I know it is going to be here before I know it so I am starting to get my supply list together now. I hunted and hunted for the "right" book. I couldn't find one. Finally, after purchasing a few other craft books (for a grand total of 6 dollars), I found the "one" as I was leaving. I opened up this book to find dried roses inside! How lovely is that! Img_1546_1 The book seemed loved and special so this is the one I will use for my class. I also found this cool pattern there (they had a whole box but mostly newer stuff and I way like 50's-60's). Img_15411 I also found this fab 3 volumes called "Needlecraft". They have sewing, crochet, and many other projects inside with great pictures~) I was excited to find these and I will surely refer to them this year as I delve into some other projects on my new years creative goal list. Speaking of new year's resolutions...remember the "un-resolutions" I made? I may have to "eat my words" on the weigh-in one. I may be driving myself to the "weigh-in place" after my cold is over. I like gathering, but not in my mid section, and that has got to go!!! Ok, well, enough ramblings for today. Hope to get myself back together soon and share more art with you. In the meantime, I'll be storing up some inspiration to share. xo Lia Img_15361 Don't you love this square-tastic page! Hmmm...a square quilt collage with fabric, or even a purse.......I must be feeling better now...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bloglines, and Blogs, and Bears, Oh My!

Img_14252To my dear Bloglines subscribers...I tried to publish my 1" Postcard Gallery Blog on a feed and I somehow merged it with my main blog. I suppose it may take a day for bloglines to update properly. I love bloglines because I can now check on/read more blogs than before but I think I got a little ahead of myself trying to manage more than one art junk blog feed. Ok, I'll go back to my room now. talk soon. xo Lia

Update: 11:42 eastern time. It appears that Art Junk Girl's Blogline is now fixed. Back to regularly scheduled blog reading....Blog on your merry way now and sorry for the interruption. I do appreciate my faithful readers and I hope to keep bringing you uninterrupted blogging without bloopers, new banners and senseless babbling (but then again, maybe that's what you like best about Blog on my friends... xo Lia

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A welcome diversion..


Guess what, friends? I went to the bookstore yesterday, even though I had told myself that I didn't have time for that...oh, well, I guess it was the wind, it just blew me over there and before I knew it I was standing in front of 100's of beautiful glossy home, crafting and beauty magazines, because, let's face it, I can never have too many magazines... But guess what else? It ended up being a fruitful diversion as I came back home and got lots accomplished! I also ran 3 other "necessary" errands, attacked and cleaned up some clutter in my office and dining room, made 2 ephemera packages for art friends, Img_13662Img_13682
called my Mom, check, walked on treadmill for 20 minutes, cleaned out and organized 1 small kitchen cabinet and my little bookshelf, made turkey chili (it turned out really good too and everyone liked it), worked on reservations list for an event I'm taking RSVP's for, organized the checks for that, organized my squares in this cool little holder,

and worked on this little collage card before going to bed. Img_13592
There, I had a good day! Yes, there were lots of hugs and kisses when kids got home from school, homework, breaking up some battles, picking up dirty laundry too and a host of other junk, but it was all good. Alot can happen in a day. So glad the wind blew me to that bookstore. It was just the diversion I needed. :) xo Lia

Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh, Mondays....

Img_1354 It's Monday and I'm off to a late start....the brain is not in gear yet.....old man winter has hit these here parts and I awoke at "o-dark thirty" to what I think was the sound of a tumbling recycling bin going down the road. The thing is that it's not recycling day...seems the wind is making a mess of things, kinda like my creative breeze through this house. There are lots of things tumbling over here too and I gotta hop to it! Monday, monday. I got's lots to do...but what I really want to do is go to the bookstore, sit with a "strong" second cup of coffee and peruse the magazine isle.... ok, back to reality....responsibilities are calling me...but before I go, I wanted to share some new squares I made last nite. this little one is my favorite so far...Img_1352 Oh and I did do a few pages in my art journal this w/e which I will share soon. Now off I go to wherever the wind blows me...xo Lia talk to you all soon! xo Lia

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yes, it's good to be Queen, but...

yes, it is...
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

... this queen still has to clean.

I'm still "digging out".

I've banished myself to my laundry room today. I'm under house arrest for crafting crimes I've committed....(especially laundry neglect in the first degree).

Be back soon,

xo L.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Buttons, Banners, & getting organized...

Guess what friends, I learned how to make a button all by myselves...It took me a while, but I did it. I'm also still tweakin' out my blog banner. I will eventually settle on something and stay with it (promise to myself). I also learned more about feeds this week, that was way cool and I'm happy to be subscribing to my fave blogs so I can see them all in one place!
Another thing I did blog-wise this week was set up a blog home for my squares here. You can also click on the upper right button to get there. So now what?

I gotta get to organizing my home and life this great TGIF day! It's so easy to get lost in all the creative adventures here in blog land. There is so much I want to try, but I need to rein in a bit and narrow down my focus. Right now, here are my projects on the docket, the one's I want to focus on (hopefully):
1. Working on my daughter Maria's altered book. (I have a few things layed out, but nothing glued down yet).
2. Learning to embroider with the new kit I got last week so I have a totable project when I go places as well as a "break" from collaging. It's kinda like craft cross-training. I find it's good to do something you don't normally do so that you can come back to your main gig with a new eye.
3. Sewing: organizing my fabrics so I can see what I have. I am currently organizing them on a shelf here. Img_0970_1

I really want to make the log cabin pillow and perhaps a quilt strip tote that I saw in a magazine and subsequently on flickr.
I also need to organize and print a bunch of digital photos for both art and personal.

Ok, so that's what's going on here in art junk land....Hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you when I come up for air after some much needed square-ganizing!

xo Lia

p.s. What's on your crafting/arting shopping list? Here is mine...

1. extra-strength glue stick
2. brushes (both foam and regular)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

a little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Ok, I'm getting way sidetracked again! I have a bagillion things to do today, like, CLEAN my house!!! I am gonna get to that soon, but first I wanted to share with you all what I've been up too. Wow, where do I start....hmmm....ok, yesterday I went to the bookstore with my daughter and she scoped out the 50% off calendars by the checkout, yes, just call me "sucker" and I found this fabulous quilt calendar.

I really want to get into quilting again this year (most likely in purse and collage form), so I was inspired. Of course, the square thing enticed me too, so this cute little "make me" calendar will be sitting at my desk. Then as if I don't have enough projects going, I've had embroidering on my mind since checking out this blog. So, yes, I indulged in this cute little starter kit (also by the register), hmmm..and I thought I was gettin' outta there with just one book. I've got a tote bag together already for sewing stuff and I'm going to get out and try this embroidery soon. Looks like a great "totable" project too when I'm waiting in the car for kids or what have you. (it's hard for me to sit still while waiting, I'm sure that is hard for you to believe.)


So, yes I've had 2 cups of coffee today and I'm buzzing along. Last but not least I wanted to share this fabulous book that was the "original" purchase before I got suckered into the other impulsive craft buys, "Organizing your craft space" by Jo Packham.

I gotta tell ya, I love organizing stuff, even though my house right now does NOT reflect that, but I wanted some new year inspiration for my studio. WEll, I am telling you that this book is worth it's weight in gold because even if I do not do one fantabulous thing in it, it's the most luscious studio eye candy I've seen in a while. A work of art for sure, lots of color. I'll share more pages from it soon, I hope! I will try. But it's worth a look if you like studio ideas and pics. I like that it is a small book too so it doesn't take up too much room! Anyhoo, I'm off to get my list together, go do some things with my daughter (who goes back to school on Monday) and maybe even suprise my husband and vacumn, comb my hair and in the wee hours of tonight make something cool with all my junk! wooo, am I wired today or what???? hugs to you all, now go make something, k? xxxoooo Lia

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm a work in progress...

Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

Here's a layout I did the other night while watching tv next to my hub (one of my fave things to do in the evening, sit with him and collage at my lap desk)...
This collage kind of symbolizes my life right now..kind of chaotic and fragmented. I have lots of things going at once. There is so much I want to learn and do in this new year, but at the same time, need to work on "unfinished" business from last year. I need to hunker down and knock some nagging things off my list so that I don't feel so scattered. Having this blog really helps keep me on track creatively because I have a home for my art. A magical little place I can escape to share my creative journey, chat with others who are doing the same things, going through some of the same struggles: struggling to balance creative play with home life and other responsibilites. Wish I could stay here all day! In the last few months I've really taken the time to read and learn about other creative women on their blogs. I am astounded by the talent and drive that I see. It gives me courage and motivation to stay on my creative path. I put my "creative self" on the back burner for most of my adult life. I have a lot of catching up to do...each one of these fragements tells a story of where I want to grow, expand, be. I am so glad I embraced my creativity this past year. I wish I didn't wait so long, but then again, I'm having a second childhood at age 42. Let the creativity continue, I'm ready, are you with me?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lists for my Lists....

CollageDear Friends: I've been making lists like crazy lately! As I've said before, I have lists for my lists! I write them down (everywhere), yes, I have tried to discipline myself to write it all down in one place, but I don't always do that! I did get the above journal in december and I am keeping it in my room and writing things down in it when I get up in the morning. I love morning writing.....I am one of those people who wakes up and says random things like, "honey, change the filter"....huh, ok? I remember things when I wake up first thing. They nag me during the day and at night while I'm sleeping, they come to the surface and I wake up to them. Good thing I got this journal to get all that nagging stuff out of my head! Just so you know, I'm not the least bit compulsive...just kidding. :) I can get compulsive about stuff. Especially having a clean home, but unfortunately my children don't share my "better homes and garden" vision of "sitting by fireplace-reading-with-daughter-in-perfectly-clean-home-with-that-not-a-care-in-the-world-look." Ah....well, I am rambling on here, got to go try to knock some of these things off the lists. I hope to post some art I've been workin' on tomorrow. I would also love to get around to posting a tutorial of some sort for how I do my 1" squares. It's on the list, I assure you. It will take me the full 358 days left in the year to complete what I wrote down just yesterday. WEll, at least I keep myself outta trouble....xxxoooo Lia

Thursday, January 04, 2007

my "un" resolutions....

It's day 4 of the new year and I cannot seem to get back into my groove, routine, whatever you call it. I am one of those people who has to ask "what day is it now?" when the kids are on break because I completely lose my bearings when thrown out of my 'normal' routine. I thought that a good, realistic, motivating list of new years resolutions would get me back on track again. Then, I thought, I'm 40 plus two years old, I've made all these resolutions before, and it's getting kind of old putting them back on the list. So, aside from having a detailed list of my creative aspirations for 2007, I decided to be un-resoluted this year with my previous year's resolutions.

1. I will (not) stop procrastinating. Even though I have no idea how to make a blog banner, I will spend numerous hours avoiding housework so I can learn how to make one that I will, um, change by next week. How could I have ever thought that procrastination was a bad thing. Procrastination is my friend. Procrastination has gotten me a new haircut when I didn't have time. Procrastination has helped me learn new things I have absolutely NO USE for but had a lot of fun learning. Procrastination has given me lots of things to think about, daydream about. Procrastination is actually very inventive and comes up with all kinds of ideas of what you can do. After all, instead of doing the dishes, procrastination has me cleaning all the cabinet surfaces, in heavy detail, because it really needs it right now. I wouldn't know what to do with myself without all of procrastinations great diversions. So, procrastination, you can stay this year. We'll have fun. We'll read really cool blogs together and look at pretty pictures on flickr of what our studio COULD look like, later.

2. I will (not) lose weight. No, I am done paying people to weigh me. I will just use the money to buy something for myself, like a new bubble bath or book (not a new diet book), or a manicure, or my, um, retirement. Goodbye little weigh-in passport, I know how much I weigh, I know I can lose it without waiting in line/paying for right scale and nicer weigher-inner lady that say's: "great! you lost .0000007th of an ounce this week!!!"

3. I will (not) stop buying magazines. I love them. I deserve a little fun. They give me inspiration, joy, and I love to look at pretty colors and neat houses. Magazines give me some"me time", "I don't have a care in the world" kind of escape for me. They are portable and very useful when waiting in traffic or carpool lines.

4. I will (not) get totally organized. I would not have anything to avoid doing then. I would have to stop buying magazines that say "get organized in 5 minutes" and that would violate my 3rd un-resolution.

Ok, so, that's my list. Now off I go to clean up so I can procrastinate some more. I have more to tell you, but I'll do it later...

xxoo Lia

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Looking back on 2006 and Goals for 2007

People are still here. I have not had time for art, no, wait, I don't believe in "not having time" for art...I really have not had energy to devote to some of my projects as we've been running about town, trying to fit in visits in and out of the house. My Mom is also back from my sisters and she requires Lots of attention, both needed and guilted. It's been so nice to have family home though, and parents (who are gettin older but fun to see interacting with the young one's). There's been lots of eating, (pass the chocolate)..watching movies, sleeping in, doorbells ringing and lots of shouting for those hard of hearing, BOTH young and old if you get my drift. Since I haven't been able to actually do alot of art (other than a few of the squares Dsc09994 I've been using any down time to just organize and puruse through my growing paper supply, I also used "pajama" time to organize digital photo images I want to use in future work. I figure now is a good time to stock up, sort and inventory things I need so that that they are ready when I have time and energy to spread it all out and go to work in my own little creative world. So I guess I can say that if I'm not arting or crafting, I'm plotting my next art and/or craft project! Looking back on my digital library from this year I see how full the year truly was. I'm thankful for my husband and family. I know I can do anything with them by my side. I'm looking forward to 2007, we will have another graduation, more trips, I'm sure more trials, but I'm hopeful that things will all turn out well in the end as they did this year My blogging year has been a fabulous one! I loved participating in all the groups most, especially flickr. It was fun sharing friday finds, trying new techniques at Try it Tuesdays, Sharing, creating, posting, creating some more, meeting others, visiting fabulous blogs, seeing artists personalities & heart through their creations. I'm now working on a list of art goals for 2007. There are lots of things I want to try and skills I want to improve. What are your art goals and dreams for this coming year? My husband tells me that I make lists that are too long to accomplish. I make them long anyway. That's just how I do it. I figure I eventually get to some or all of something. Writing something down commits me to it, it also reminds me. I hope to share my list soon. In the meantime, here's my 1 x 1" square collection. Aren't they cute. Oh, for the love of the square! Hope you try to make some too in 2007. Dsc00027_1 p.s. my husband told my mother in law, "lia makes squares", she looked at him like, what? I told her it was kind of a long story. Oh well, now I'm the wife who makes squares, but I'm happy, right! that's what's important! be back soon! ~Lia

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A day in the life of artjunkgrl...

Dsc001101 It's 10 a.m. and I want to go back to bed and start all over. It was one of "those" mornings. EVerything was a little "off". There are 5 days until Christmas. I have lists for my lists. So, I start off my day the same way each morning. Coffee. before my feet hit the carpet running. Today my husband asked if I wanted to have my coffee "downstairs". like all of the sudden I'm going to change my routine or something. Then it went downhill from there. Three early morning phone calls, which I think should be outlawed, all about stuff you don't wanna deal with in the early morning. Then my daughter announced that she just deleted 1000 songs from her ipod, my other daughter wanted to know if she had a sweater she could "borrow" as if she has NO youngest was mad that I ran out of her fave lunchmeat and didn't put lemon on her apples so they would brown in her lunch. I got stuck in the car pool line because we left a bit late. SO, I thought, "I'm NOT blogging today", I gotta get going and I feel crappy all over. Then I thought of how I've really gotten in the routine of blogging almost everyday since doing art everyday month. It's become part of my routine, and yesterday I found out I have 9 readers, not 5, so I have to check in and let them know that I'm not going to stop bothering them about trying 1" squares. Life, after all, would not be as much fun without such diversions as 1" square collages, gumdrop wreaths, and colorful, fun, inspiring eye candy. I really think that's why my blogroll is so long, I want to go look at pretty stuff. It makes me feel good. I love making stuff. It makes me feel good. I love talkin' about it. It makes me feel good. So, now that I've talked myself happy, I'm gonna go make an artful version of my to do list today. I'm going to treat myself to a holiday spiced skim latte while I'm running errands. I'm going to stop and look at the prettiful colors wherever I go. After all, life is what I make of it, even when it starts off kind of crappy. So, if you are reading this, I bid you ado and thank you for listening to me vent. I wish you a most beautiful & wonderful day! xxoo Lia

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Artjunkgrl at Home

Dsc00006I took this picture this morning of my favorite old white leather chair in my room(that my husband I try to cover it with blankets and quilts to hide it's supposed ugliness from him. I love this square afghan. I got it from a dear woman who sells vintage linens and such on ebay. Anyhoo, I though it was neat how the sun was streaking in through the blinds. My camera skills are not great, but I do like to stop and take a picture of something when it inspires me (much to my children's chagrin), but I digress. The last few days I've been feeling kind of "eh" which a few of my blog sista's picked up on right away (thank you for your kind words, you all warm my heart!) But, anyhoo, I think it's because I feel guilty about not having all my present shopping done and the days are ticking away! I've been helping my son with his college aps and we've had a miriad of other life things going on that have pulled me away from my shopping chore. I say chore, not cause I don't like shopping for people, I do, but I don't like to go "out" shopping much. I have a hard time making decisions on what to buy and I worry about them liking, etc. etc. This is not a good thing, especially since I also need a few things for the holidays myself that I've put off doing. I guess you know why I have time to craft in the day, cause I'm not out shopping! So, I had a little "pity party" this morning and invited my husband to attend. He was very understanding as always (except about the ugly white chair and anything clutterful in the house) but I must say he is a good egg. He told me he'd help on the weekend and reminded me that I turned down an offer to go with him earlier in the week. You see, I love shopping with my husband although he does not volunteer to do so often, but he is on a mission when he shops. He's in and out of a store with what he wants in before I can say, "look over here at this cute....". I, on the other hand, get mesmerized and go around in circles not only wondering what to buy but how I can alter, craft or make something else with it. Yes, the creative mind does not turn off, it's kind of a mixed blessing. So, where was I? Oh yeah, I decided after my appt. to go get a few gifts out of the way at a local outlet. I bought my yearly "christmas/holiday" top. No, not the christmas tree sweater. I usually get a nice top to go with my "staple" black slacks that I can wear to a christmas party or new years thing. It's usually something I would not "normally" buy, you know, not practical category. I'm mainly a jeans and plain top girl. So this is what I bought. Dsc00003_1I've wanted a top like this for a while, but avoided since it looks maternity like and I'm worried about it making me look like bertha butt, but I liked it's flowing soft material and the nice rich red color. So, there it is, one thing out of the way, my "holiday" top. Now I'm off to make my list and check it twice and get organized with my gift giving. I did also buy some pretty sparkly glitter gift card holders and envelopes. So, wish me luck and I'll be back soon. I'm going to work on Maria's book again later tonight and I have a sewing project up my sleeve so check back with me. Hope you all are having a wonderful week and getting creative with what you have and what you love! xxoo Lia

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

1st Tag for Maria's book...

1st Tag for Maria's book...
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

I'm starting out the book by working on the tags first, one at a time! It's good to start small because it's overwhelming to begin the book part for me. This will be my first altered book I'm making involving one of my children or anyone in my family for that matter. It's a big step for me as I am so used to doing art for fun and using vintage images that I don't have an emotional connection to. It may sound wierd to most mothers who have done upteen albums for their children, but I just get too emotionally attached to my pictures and I have a hard time translating them into my art style. This reminds me of the "issue bin" in my daughters class. Yes, they actually have an "issue bin" (what used to be called a 'problem box') and then kids can put things they are upset about in the box. WEll, I've heard a lot about this box lately (my youngest is in 3rd grade). Her teacher just had a baby and they have a substitute who doesn't check the issue bin and it's getting reallly full. So funny. Well, my point is that working on family pix and art at the same time is something I need to put in the "issue bin". I'm sure my issue bin is overflowing right now, lol. but anyhooo, I'll try to make it work out. Anyway, I think the colors in the above tag will dictate the book colors. I knew pink would be in the mix as she loves pink! I figured I would just keep making these and practice what I want in the meantime. I can end up including them in the final book or they can go in another, tags are so versatile. I kind of approach my projects as wait and see. I have a general idea, but I like the process of letting go and letting it come together the way it's meant to.
Now my next challenge will be sewing on the cardstock. I am going to tackle that on the next tag. I know I want to have stitching on these and as many other techniques I can learn. I love layers, etc.
Materials used here are scrapbook paper and wallpaper book pieces cut with square puncher. Words are from vintage magazines. I know the book will have lots of squares in the background, cause y'all know I'm into squares these days!
Oh, and I'm also working on some little fabric charms in the meantime, so the sewing machine will be coming out tomorrow. I've been avoiding it as I know I get addicted to sewing and lose all track of time whatsoever, but what the heck, who needs sleep anyway? lol. xxoo Lia

p.s. did I mention my daughter is all grown up now? Love1

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"play" collage by artjunkgrl

"play" collage by artjunkgrl
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

Just a quick post to say hello...I'm knee deep in organizing my art studio and getting ready for Christmas. The last few days I've been putting favorite papers and embellishments aside for the start of Maria's book I spoke about a few posts ago. It's going to get crazy here pretty soon but I know I can do the groundwork for my book. I made some notes on the sections I will include and how I will do it. The only problem is that I get sidetracked so while I'm setting aside papers and getting organized I make a quick collage! Maybe this one above can go in the book! Well, off I go to get to work, I'm really needing some alone time to create around here!
p.s. Some readers have asked me where I get the images for the 1 inch square art. I thought I'd answer here since I've had a few emails about it. Here are 2 of the sources.
1. The vintage children images (20's ish) come from Tuscan Rose. They sell little charm size images already downsized. Someone asked if I downsize the images...I'm too impatient (lazy) to photocopy stuff and such myself. I usually look through my papers and see what I can use that is already available. I also like using original ephemera and not copies lately, perish the thought. I figured that the world wasn't gonna run out of paper and neither was I, so I may as well use the real thing. 2. Some of the other vintage images come from vintage magazine ads I have from doing swaps and from thrift store vintage magazines. I have also gotten some of the more recent vintage images from Paper Relics.
xxoo Lia

Hope this helps!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Friendship Collage on Canvas

Friendship Collage on Canvas
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

This collage was inspired by my daughter and her best friend Christine. They have been best friends since elementary school. They ended up going to different colleges. Well, this morning the doorbell rang, and there was Christine. She just came in last nite to visit for the weekend and she got up early to come see her "second momma!" She asked me if I saw the quote Maria had sent her, I said, no, and she told me, "With our friendship come's one guarantee, what happens to you, happens to me".
aaaaawwww....they always joke about having a "double wedding" one day and marrying twins! They are so cute. Maria is coming home tomorrow as well and our "girls" will both be home, if only for the weekend. What a blessing their friendship has been to each other and how close it's brought our two families.

xxoo Lia

p.s. one of my best friends, Liz, came over one day and brought me some vintage photos for my art...I'm so glad it ended up in a friendship collage!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"take time to smell the roses, raw beauty is all around you", by artjunkgrl

Dsc085161 Time is so fleeting. After visiting my daughter this weekend at college, it has forced me to think about how fast the time goes. So often we (I) get lost in the hustle and bustle of life...trying to get "stuff" done, trying to keep my family happy, do the "right" things, etc. Sometimes I am blind to the beauty all around me. I am sitting in a beautiful rose garden and all I see is dirty laundry. Screw the laundry, I'm going to embrace life's beauty and enjoy the moments in my life. Yesterday I said, "yes" to my daughter building a fort in the middle of the kitchen during a rainy day, I said "yes" to having icecream in the afternoon, I said, "yes" to taking a day to do art and have fun. Time. If only I could live in the moment. I will try. Will you try with me?
xxoo Lia

Saturday, October 07, 2006

"zelda discovered that she hadn't packed" artjunkgrl

New collage on canvas I made today during a break from doing home improvement stuff with my hubby....

we got rained out of sports games today. A day to just relax with family. YES!

p.s. hi ria---zelda must have been a "she".

xxoo Lia

p.s. this collage is done on a small gesso'd and painted canvas. I used some vintage ephemera, printed photo, red gauze like paper (I love that stuff, but can't remember where it came from...prob. a swap)! Zelda is a bit of a nut, but she looks like she's having fun anyway...ha..ha....I'm a little like her, I pack at the last minute.....ok, if you like doing collage, go make something! xxoo Lia

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"It's the little things that count", collage on bookcover

I took my Mom for dr's appt. today..this doc usually has us waiting for over an hour to be seen. Today we were seen shortly after we arrived: 15 minutes early! yes! I hadn't planned on being home until dinner but we got home by 3:00! I spent that bonus time tackling some of the clutter in my art space. I also evicted some of my childrens "droppings" once again. lol. but, hey, I need my space, ok?
Anyhow, I painted the other book cover from the same salvage book. I felt like orange today. I had quite a time with this one as I am stretching myself. I really have the urge to keep going and start painting over all of it and adding dots and and and....I have a hard time leaving it alone! anyhow, I had loads of fun painting the background and picking a warm color to go around the edges with. I spent WAY too much time looking for quotes, words. I have to work on that. I like things ready when I'm ready to create. Ok, well, here is #3 in my canvas collage series. I know it's got alot going on, but I'm still figuring out my way. by the way, my 8 year old came in and told me to glue the black button over the yellow one, so that is her contribution. she is such a "piece of work!"
well, I'm going to bed! woo...another appt. for my madre tomorrow and hopefully will be as easy a commute as today. I'm so thankful for those little things!
xxoo Lia